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Offshore construction platform for production oil and gas in gulf of Thailand

HiTech Solutions offers bespoke solutions to the upstream oil and gas community. We understand that our industry is changing fast and we’re part of that change. The 2014-2017 crash has taught us that nothing can be taken for granted in relation to forward planning.

Lower for longer? Lower for ever? An imminent supply crunch?

Your guess is as good as ours as far as the macro is concerned. What we do know is that the best and brightest companies aggressively watch costs and promote efficiency gains whether oil is at $30 or $130 Bbl.

We’re seeing shorter contracts, longer payment processing times and great uncertainty. Rather than waiting and hoping, we’re arranging our oil & Gas services to fit with this environment.

We offer offshore and onshore services on demand, and at extremely competitive prices. When dealing with us, you won’t hear “the rules/computer won’t allow that” when it comes to contract and price negotiations.

Our CRO and supply chain software allows us to fine tune our just in time (JIT) delivery and procurement practices. We’re lean, efficient, and ultra effective.

We cater to the world leading exploration companies, and can fill any gap in procedure. The products that we source are high performance, durable and low maintenance, just like we are, and any of the staff that you’ll come in contact with when dealing with us.

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